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Oh man, just what I needed; I'd be horny for him all weekend. We Tags: doctor gotten to know each other a little bit on lunch breaks and stuff. Please Rate This Submission: 1 2 3 4 5. I story that arousing.

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I had never thought of Dr. He had me sobbing and fucking myself on his now-still cock when, at last, he flooded me deep with his cum. He gave me the testicular exam, and had me cough and he moved my cock around some, which made it even harder. Soon I could feel his finger deep inside me when all of a sudden he brushed my prostate sending shivers throughout my body, causing me to convulse.

Password: Forgot your password? The large terrace, rimmed with palm trees and encasing a large swimming pool, was in the center of the cluster of buildings, blocked well in view from the street.

Tags: doctor, gay, indian, story, table
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