Wow perle noire

Commentaire de Thottbot I got 2 black pearls out of the clams that the murlocs n the cave near Stonard dropped Swamp of Sorrows -- since there were none in the AH, I sold them for about 5g each! Can't findy any of these pearls on the AH either. Out of around 46 I got..

They are now pretty much useless as they are no longer needed for enchanting rods. Commentaire de shadowolf Killed a plethora of Marcheur des marées s, looted 42 of the Palourde à large bouche from them, and opened the clams to find an Perle iridescente and the Perle noire.

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  • Commentaire de Diver For whatever reason, these things sell for about 8g on my server.
  • Commentaire de gordonml If i want a panther pet ill just tame one from STV I can't tell about the drop rates, I was lucky enough to get one black pearl after I cleared the dozens of those turtle that were on the island.
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  • Parler de Wowhead. Commentaire de daksafiya For the curious rogues and druids, this trinket will bring you out of stealth upon activation.
wow perle noire

Devilya Voir le profil public Trouver plus de messages par Devilya. Anciens joueurs : bon retour parmi nous. I would say the black pearl drop rate there which of course requires you loot a bigmouth clam is about 1 pearl per 15 clams and the clam drop rate is about 1 clam per 2 turtle kills.

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Wow perle noire
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